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4 Fun Easter Ideas to Make This Easter Special During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Easter this year is going to be a bit different for all of us. It may be extremely difficult to accept that we cannot spend this Easter doing our normal traditions but unfortunately we have no choice. I encourage you to look at it this as an opportunity to create some special since we won’t be visiting the Easter bunny this time around!

I have been searching the internet high and low and brainstorming for the best ideas to make our Easter as Special as possible for my daughter. We recently sold our house and in the middle of a move from the only home she has ever known. We will be moving into my mother's house to care for her and spend time with her, as she is ill with pancreatic cancer.

Amidst all the chaos I couldn’t bare letting my girl down again so I’ve been doing some digging. I found some great ideas and I have narrowed them down to my top 4 favorites.

  1. Create a New Tradition: This is the perfect time to create a new tradition that will carry on for years and years. If all goes well (because ya know, life) we will be doing an easter brunch “picnic” on the living room floor as a family. Easy and sweet.

  2. Virtual Easter Brunch/Dinner. Call your best friends, family, or whoever you typically would spend this day with and see if they are on board for a zoom date! It will be chaotic, loud (or awkwardly silent), but it will be one to remember.

  3. Deliver Easter Cards/Letters: Go around to your friends/family in the neighborhood and put Easter cards or letters, decorated by the wee one’s, in their mailbox. Be sure to take the proper precautions while making the surprise letters to ensure health and safety to the receiver. There is something so nostalgic and special about a mail delivered message.

  4. Easter Egg Extravaganza: Put fun little tasks in each egg. Once the seeker finds the egg and performs their task, they get to pick their prize. I am excited about this one (it’s good for adults too)!

I hope you have lots of fun creating lasting memories this Easter with these great ideas!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know if you try any, we would LOVE to hear how it went!

Stay healthy, stay safe.

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