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Fall Bucket List The Whole Family Will Enjoy

This is not your typical fall ideas blog post you'll find on the internet. You won't see, go to a pumpkin patch, go apple picking, take a hayride...those are an obvious must do (if you don't live in Florida like I do). I know the delights of the fall season though, I was born and raised in New England, the most beautiful place to live during the fall. Here are some "not so common" fall time bucket list ideas for you and your family.


1. Craft with fallen leaves

2. Set up a family photo shoot. Grab some pumpkins and hay bails, head to your favorite spot and do a family photo shoot. Pumpkin patches, leave piles, and basically anywhere in nature also make for beautiful fall photos. Be sure you have someone or something to hold your phone. You can set the timer on your camera and use a phone stand if you don't have anyone to bring along to take the shots. Download a free photo editor app or pay for a good one if you plan on using it a lot. I use quickshot by light fix and love it!

3. Set up a tent in the back yard. Sleeping outside may not be for everyone but if you love camping, now is the best time! If you would rather sleep inside, just hang out in the tent and watch movies from your laptop or phone. Have a campfire and enjoy nature. Head inside when your eyes start to get heavy

4. Check out the local farmers market (or grocery store) and pick up ingredients you are unfamiliar with. Have the family join in on creating a new dish!

5. Check out a historical site in or around your local area. My daughter and I just spent 3 hours the other afternoon exploring the Edison and Ford Estate in Fort Myers. She is only 5 years old but she had an absolute blast!

6. Make an update to your home. Repaint the door, paint a new color on the wall, switch out décor etc. Pick one project that would make an impact and go for it. One that I always recommend is updating the entryway to your home. Paint the door, get a nice welcoming mat, add a little table with a decorative touch, pumpkins, candles...So many options!

7. Go shopping for summer clearance now. It's totally worth it!

8. Watch the sunset together with a hotpot of homemade apple cider. Bring your flannel blanket, warm sweaters, or jammies, and snacks. This would be a great opportunity for some more family photos too!

9. Host a family fall festival. If you live somewhere that has canceled all fall festivals due to COVID, host your own. Set up stations around your yard. Your stations can be whatever you like but some I recommend are face painting, pumpkin carving/painting, bobbing for apples, cider and donuts, arts and crafts, and potato sack races, Invite all your family and recruit a few for help. End the day around the campfire. The options are endless!

10. Take a day trip. Google cool spots to go around your area that you have never been to. It's amazing how many little gems are out there that we don't even know about! Pack a days worth of food and drinks and hit the road. This is my absolute favorite thing to do, as I always discover some amazing places!


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