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My Five Year Old is Acting Out, and It’s For a Good Reason

Let me give you a quick back story of what’s been going on...

In August of 2019 my husband and I sold our condo in Costa Rica to by a house in Florida and escape the New England winters for good! We absolutely LOVE our beautiful mountain home, nestled on 5 acres, in a quaint and quiet town. We have bonfires all year round, take amazing hikes right from our back yard, and often sit out on the deck and watch the starry skies at night and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

My daughter loves it here so much and our dog KC has never known any different way of life. At 13 years old, he’s had an amazing life roaming this mountain. There is one thing that pushed us towards selling and that is the long depressing, cold and dark winters.

You see, My husband is 19 years older than me and he will be retiring this year. We need to go to a place that is easier to maintain, sunny year round (seasonal depression hits us both hard), more affordable for retirement life, and of course warm and snow free. We are both going to miss it here so much because we do absolutely love the fall time in New England and the peace and quiet we have where we live.

The house that we are moving to does not even have an acre and is surrounded by neighbors but it is open and airy, bright and beautiful, like a breath of fresh air. Our yard is small and decorated with palm trees and a gorgeous lanai adorned by a brand new in-ground pool. The best part, we won’t have to spend many months plowing and snowblowing in the freezing cold!

Here’s the thing, immediately after we purchased the Florida house a series of events happened that would forever change us. The first was Kevin‘s best friend, he was more than a friend he was family, passed away from cancer. His cancer hit fast and hard and he passed away just months after. Then it was my mom, my absolute best friend. She was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer and given a prognosis of maybe a year.

Our big family plan of her moving to Florida with us was shattered in an instant. Then, one month later my grandmother stopped taking her meds and went a bit crazy. My mom lives with her so I believe it was a cry for attention as she was dealing with her daughter’s diagnosis. She is now in a nursing home. So, after all of this happened, we came up with a plan. My family would sell our house and move in with my mom until Kevin retired so we can spend a lot of time with her and help her through her treatments. Without even listing our house it sold...QUICK!

It was game on!

Then, the coronavirus was born, and boy did it put a damper on our plans in an instant. We had to re-think our game plan. The last thing we wanted to do was get my mom infected because it would be deadly. We were then going to move in with my brother in law but there was one problem. His current girlfriend (who is not fond of me), her son, and her two dogs are living there. She was supposed to be moving and had apparently put a down payment on a house...well, she is still there and here we are one week out from our closing date with nowhere to go. I could go to Florida with my daughter and risk missing out in the time I had left with my mom, also leaving my husband behind, or we could rent a place and waist thousands.

We are SO close to our closing now and this is what we have decided. Myself and my daughter will be living with my mom, her health is not grest and I cannot leave her, she needs us and we need her. My husband will be moving in with his brother or parking a camper in my moms back yard. He is in law enforcement and potentially exposing himself to this virus every day so we can’t risk it with my mother’s condition.

The icing on the cake here is the emotions that my sweet little 5 year old girl has had to deal with. She has been through too much, she sees it, she is so smart. She cries a lot when she sees us moving another piece of furniture out of the house.

She use to ask millions of questions about all the craziness going on around us but lately she has been quiet and secretive. I have to convince her to tell me what she is feeling through the agonizing screams and meltdowns. I have had to hold her while she hits me until she nestled in close and let’s out a sigh of relieve.

She has lost her “uncle” to cancer (Kevin’s best friend), she is watching her grandmother “Cookie” go from the once super energetic, silly, strong, healthy, independent, and playful woman, decline from terminal cancer that has caused her to have a hard time even staying awake. It has been weighing so hard on her.

She is moving out of the home she has ever known to move in with my mom to assist her and spend time with her during these hard times.

When the virus hit it just added another layer of frustration and confusion. Playtime with friends and family gatherings, school and afternoons at the park, basically all things normal are no longer existent in Peyton’s world and she is struggling. She has been lashing out and saying things that break my heart. She is hurt and I totally u Deers and why. We are all struggling and the emotional roller coaster is at its peak in our house!

As you can imagine, with all of this going on, it’s pretty apparent that we have had next to NO time for a homeschooling schedule, let alone time to play. I am ready for this first move to be over so we can settle and bring somewhat normalcy and routine back into Peyton’s world.

Through all of this, the one thing I remind her every day is that the most important thing, the most valuable and precious thing, is that we are together, always.

Family is everything 💗

Stay healthy, stay safe!

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