My natural birth story-It is the scariest thing I have ever experienced!

The night before my daughters due date my husband was working, about to conduct a search warrant with his team. It was about midnight when I began to feel a bit crampy. It honestly just felt like a period cramp or like I had to go to the bathroom. A few minutes later the cramps completely vanished so I tried to fall back asleep. About 20 minutes later they returned a bit stronger and I text my husband and told him it might be time! I called my midwife and she said to stay home and if I feel these are contractions to begin timing the time in between and the length of each contraction. She was extremely calm about it which made me feel that I had nothing to rush for.

I jumped in the shower, straightened my hair, put on some makeup (It's a form of relaxation for me) and then suddenly it hit me pretty hard. I threw myself on the bed in a ball until the contraction passed. My mind was racing, wondering if this could really be it. I didn't pass any mucus plug (that I saw) and my water hadn't broke. It was about 1:00 am at this point and the contractions came every few minutes, lasting a good minute each. Just as I was diving onto the couch again in pain, my husband came bursting through the door. He was a legit ball of stress in panic mode!

We puttered around for a bit and let the dog out, re-packed my hospital bag and hopped in the car. I called my mom and told her to hurry up and head to the hospital. As I was talking to her I felt the urge to push. It hurt SO BAD! I can't even explain the feeling but I just felt like it was time to push. At the time we lived on a mountain about 20 minutes from the hospital. I was screaming at my husband the whole way to go faster and he was screaming at me not to push. It was complete chaos!

We came speeding into the hospital parking lot at about 1:45 am and I looked at my husband and said "fuck a natural birth babe, I need and epidural!" I was checking into the hospital and the receptionist was asking me so many questions. I looked at her and said, "If you don't let me get in that elevator now you are going to be delivering a baby." Needless to say, she said we could finish the check in process later! I made it to the room and my midwife so calmly (bless her heart) told me she was going to check how many centimetres dilated I was. As soon as she checked she looked at me and said, "honey, it;s time for you to push!"

I immediately had to start pushing. I did one big push and then I realized my birth plan was completely different than this and it just came blurting out! I looked at her, eyes wide, and told her I had wanted a water birth, "Get me in the water!"

She yelled to the nurse to start filling up the birthing tub, put me in a wheel chair and started wheeling me down the hall as fast as she could. I jumped in still attached to my monitor, thankfully she was able to pull it off during my frantic landing, and with about one inch of water in the tub and as soon as my lady parts hit that warm water I felt a little sense of relief. Kevin was standing next to the tub feeding me sips of water and trying to be so encouraging that everything was going to be fine but I was scared shitless. I pushed again, screaming at the top of my lungs. I didn't think I could do it, it felt as though I had a torch against my vagina and my body was about to split in half. I am really not trying to scare anyone, just being completely honest here. I told my mid wife I couldn't do it and her response was, "you HAVE to, you have no choice because she's coming out now!" As I began to push again my mom came running in the room, she had finally made it, just in the nick of time. They told her to just follow the screams and she would find me. Peyton came out just seconds later, right as my mom opened up her camera. This was at exactly 2:19, just 34 minutes after we pulled into the hospital parking lot!

The relief I felt was absolutely incredible. I felt zero pain the moment she made her debut.

I pulled her up to my chest so fast, I was struck with an overwhelming sense of love, one that I believe only mothers can understand. Still attached by her umbilical cord, the nurses were telling my to lower her down so I didn't tug on the cord. Her Daddy clipped it and then all the amazing doctors' and nurses did so many things to be sure mommy and baby were healthy and comfortable. The rest of the night was a complete whirlwind of emotions. Here I was, with a brand new baby who was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She was breastfeeding constantly and the snuggling was non stop. We were all so very blessed.

It was an amazing but also traumatic experience. It all happened so fast. I didn't even have the option for an epidural and although I had planned to have a natural water birth, I definitely would have opted for an epidural if my labor lasted any longer. I do feel very lucky that the entire duration from first contractions to the birth of my daughter was just 2 hours and 19 minutes. Props to all of you amazing women who go through hours and hours of labor, you are absolute rock stars! We all have a unique birth story and I hope you enjoyed mine.

All my love,


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