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The Reality Of Parenting Failures and Ten Failures Every Mom Should Expect.

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Lets be real, momhood is not always rainbows and butterflies, but we damn sure try don't we?!

I want you to know that through all the up's, down's, and in-between's, you are NOT ALONE.

Quick Personal story:

When my daughter was just about six months old we decided it would be nice to get out on the river with some family. My dad rented a pontoon boat and my husband, daughter, mom, brother, and myself all tagged along for a day of fun....or so we thought!

About 30 minutes into the trip Peyton started crying so I warmed up her bottle with my portable bottle warmer and sat back for feeding time. She was sucking and screaming so hard and after about 45 minutes of this I began to sob. The bottle was still 3/4 of the way full and she wouldn't drink anymore. This had been going on for a couple days. I was completely drained of all my energy at this point, it just seemed that every day was so hard to get through without feeling like a failure as a mom.

What was I doing wrong?

Is her bottle too hot, too cold?

Does she have gas?

Is she sick?

Why can't I make her happy and comfortable.

This made me angry and I was just being straight up miserable to everyone.

We spent the next hour or two trying to make her happy but we were unsuccessful to say the least. We all called it a day.

When we got home I walked in the door and just had this instinct to check her bottle again when I remembered that we had started adding baby oatmeal to her milk (per pediatrician recommendation). I thought maybe the hole was too small. Well guess what, I was right. I had basically been giving her bottles for two days that she couldn't even drink from (I stopped breastfeeding at 2 months, another blog post coming about that). I made another bottle without the oatmeal and she killed it...and another two more. She was starving!


I felt so horrible, like the worst mom in the world and had mom guilt like never before. I messaged my family and apologized and confessed my failure to them as I was crying hysterically.

But, my daughter is fine and super healthy, we made it through. It's tough to experience this, we all want to be the best mom's in the world, perfect.

Unfortunately perfect does not exist. We will make mistakes, we will upset our children, we will cry a lot, and apologize a lot, and we will learn and grow every day.

We will shower them with love and raise them the best we possibly can and that is all we can do.

Now, four years later these terrifying moments of parenting have become silly conversations with my mom friends over a glass of wine. We share our confessions and are so grateful that we are not alone!

You will screw up, you will feel horrible, but your kids will be alright…..

Here is a list of ten mom "failures" you should expect.

1. You will feed them way more junk food than you thought. I swore up and down I would make all her food from scratch, I would only feed her organic blah blah blah. That lasted, never really started. Now that's not to say I don't try my best to nourish my daughter with heart healthy foods, organic when I can, but don't beat yourself up. Just feed them things they will actually eat!

2. You will pretend you don't hear them calling for you. You will pretend you don't hear them crying, you will tell them to "wait a minute" in hopes their curious minds wander and they forget. Don't forget to make schedule in "mom time" every day, you can't pour from an empty cup.

3. You will let them sit in front of the television for hours. My husband and I would call it the babysitter when we just needed some time to get shit done. It works and its okay. My daughter has actually learned a TON from educational children's shows

4. You will forget to buckle the car seat. Hopefully they warn you before you drive off. My daughter freaks if I start to drive off without fastening her in. Thank goodness she is old enough to remind me I'm not thinking straight!

5. You will skip bath and brushing teeth time now and then. Girl, sometimes I am so worn out that the thought of bath and teeth time just makes me cringe.

6. You will yell a lot. We are human and we can only handle so much before we crack. Kids are manipulative and testy, be prepared to lose your shit. Then you will apologize and feel like the worst mom ever...You're not!

7. You will have play dates so you can drink with your friends. Responsibly haha.

8. You will lie to your kids. I can't tell you how many times I have told my daughter that Billy Beez was closed. This is for your own sanity!

9. You will tell them santa is watching their every move and he already crossed one thing off their Christmas list.

10. You will lock yourself in the bathroom numerous times and pretend you are going "potty" when really you are catching up on your favorite netflix flick from your phone sitting on the floor.

Whatever you do just know you are doing the best you can and these little "failures" are so normal. You are not alone in this hood of moms.

You've got this mama!

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